Disintegration Testers
The effectiveness of oral dose forms like tablets and capsules is frequently evaluated using Disintegration Testers. Finding out how long it takes for a solid dosage form to completely dissolve is done through a disintegration test.
Bottle Rotating Apparatus
These Bottle Rotating Apparatuses have a longer lifespan and don't require maintenance. The pharmaceutical sector as well as chemical and biological laboratories have a high demand for these items. These have excellent mechanical strength, are impact-resistant, and are non-cracking.
Dissolution Testers
Dissolution testers are a tool for identifying the active medicinal component in any pharmaceutical composition. The equipment used in this evaluation assesses adequate bioavailability and provides the data required to develop therapeutically ideal dosage forms.
Laboratory Shakers
You may mix multiple components together into an uniform combination by using laboratory shakers. These are employed in a wide range of industries, notably biotechnology, the biological sciences, cosmetics, medicines, semiconductors, and the f&b industry.
Tablet Hardness Testers
The accurate measuring technology, industry-leading user friendliness, and robust construction of our Tablet Hardness Testers provide high accuracy and trustworthy test results. The hardness of solid tablets is assessed to guarantee that they can endure mechanical forces under various conditions.
Friability Testers
It is crucial to evaluate the tablets' abrasion and impact hardness in order to establish their durability from the point of manufacturing to the point of usage. These friability testers enable you to accurately forecast the weight loss of tablets resulting from the procedures of coating, packaging, and transportation.
Dissolution Media Preparator
In order to swiftly and securely remove dissolved gases before dissolution testing, the provided Dissolution Media Preparators are employed. These devices can process several containers at once while utilising a mix of heating, suction, circulation, and dispensing.
Peristaltic Pumps
Peristaltic pumps are advantageous for applications that call for pouring, dosing, and general transfer. These pumps have rollers inside the pump head that let flexible tubing pass through. With a variety of designs, these pumps are suitable for use in applications, pilot plants, and laboratories.
Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker
Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker are frequently used in research and development, quality control of raw resources, intermediate goods, final goods, and production monitoring. These Shakers, which have a straightforward and reliable design, can accommodate up to 8 sieves.
Tap Density Tester
With the use of standardized and reproducible techniques, bulk powders, powdered materials, and flaked materials' tapping densities are measured using the Tap Density Testers that are accessible. These testers make it simple to change important parameters.
Suppository Disintegration Tester
Suppositories and pessaries are evaluated using the Suppository Disintegration Tester for their ability to disintegrate. With the right connection, it may also be used to gauge how long lipophilic suppositories soften. These machines possess an easy layout. These devices offer highly accurate results.

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