Friability Testers

The ease with which a compressed material will disintegrate into minute fibres or particles when subjected to friction, pressure, or vibration is measured by friability testers. A single spinning compartment contains tablets. The user then chooses test settings depending on the quantity of rotations, the amount of time, or the weights of the starting and finishing samples. In order to suit industries that depend on high throughput, like pharmacies, these friability testing machine feature pre-programmed test algorithms for often examined pharmaceuticals or substances. They can also handle multiple sample types simultaneously.

Tablet Friability Tester

  • Power Supply:Electric
  • Product Type:Testing and Measuring Equipment
  • Application:Industrial

Granule Friability Tester

  • Product Type:Granule Friability Tester
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Power Supply:Electric
  • Color:White

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